8 05, 2013

Are Unpaid Internships Ethical?

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Christmas may be the most wonderful time of year for many, but for managers, it’s summer that often brings the greatest joy. After all, this is when millions of college students and recent graduates offer their services for little or no pay. What could be better for business than voluntary unpaid labor? The federal Labor Dept., however, is cracking down on these arrangements, on grounds that they may violate labor laws. […]

25 10, 2012

iSolation: Do You Have It?

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When the iPhone was released in 2007, I wrote an article for Bloomberg Businessweek online in which I discussed the downside of new technologies. Even the most optimistic forecasters did not predict the degree to which these devices have become a driving force in our daily lives. With Apple’s announcement this week of the iPad mini, as well as Microsoft’s introduction of its first PC and new operating systems along with releases from other companies, I thought you might enjoy reading the piece I wrote five years ago, which sadly is more timely than ever. […]

14 07, 2012

Apple’s No. 1 Opportunity for Growth: Pay Store Employees More

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When it comes to technological achievements, marketing muscle, and overall coolness, Apple (AAPL) is the undisputed world leader. No one does a better job of creating gadgets that millions of people want the moment they’re available. But a disturbing report in the New York Times details how Apple store employees average less than $12/hour and do not earn commissions, no matter [...]

16 04, 2010

Let’s Abolish Caveat Emptor

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Why should the buyer beware? It’s up to companies to be honest and transparent about the products they are selling. By Bruce Weinstein, PhD When I was 10, I bought some gizmo that turned out to be a piece of junk. “Caveat emptor!” my mom told me when I showed her the busted toy I’d just spent my hard-earned allowance on. “What does that mean?” I asked. “Let the buyer beware,” she said. “You can’t believe everything people tell you when they want to sell you something.” […]

5 02, 2010

Toyota: Sorry Seems to Be the Easiest Word

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Should we praise someone who does what he or she is ethically required to do? by: Bruce Weinstein The Ethics Guy Podcast:  Toyota.mp3 Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation, has apologized for his company’s debacle surrounding design flaws with various car models. Should we praise someone who does what he or she is ethically required to do? […]