Life Principles: A Keynote Address by The Ethics Guy, Dr. Bruce Weinstein

Dr. Bruce Weinstein, The Ethics Guy, gives an interactive keynote address to 4,000 primary care providers. Bruce Weinstein delivers a message that hits home for audiences of all ages and walks of life. His keynote addresses, centered on the “5 Life Principles”, are both thoughtprovoking and engaging, making use of active audience participation while providing a positive direction for an ethical and rewarding life. Using a combination of humor and serious moments “The Ethics Guy” manages to invoke a full range of emotions from his audiences.

Bruce Weinstein on Ethics: Part 2

Bruce Weinstein, “The Ethics Guy,” discusses the sources of the five life principles and shows that they are common to all religions.

Bruce Weinstein on Ethics: Part 1

Bruce Weinstein, “The Ethics Guy” discusses the five most fundamental life principles.