16 10, 2008

Bruce Weinstein on Ethics: Part 2

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Bruce Weinstein, "The Ethics Guy," discusses the sources of the five life principles and shows that they are common to all religions.

22 02, 2007

The Fifth Life Principle: Be Loving

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Treating ourselves with respect is one of the most important ways we can express love and compassion in our lives. Thus far in our exploration of the five fundamental ethical or “life” principles, we have looked at Do No Harm, Make Things Better, and Respect Others, and one aspect of the fourth principle, Be Fair. We now turn to the fifth and final principle: Be Loving. The fifth and final Life Principle is rarely found in traditional books on ethics. In those, you will see plenty of discussion of rights and responsibilities, of justice and fairness, of duties to keep one’s promises and avoiding harming others. Indeed, the Life Principles of Do No Harm, Make Things Better, Respect Others, and Be Fair are the foundation of any and all moral systems, and they are found in every religion and culture that has ever existed or is likely to exist. We cannot imagine a society that did not place these notions front and center, whether codified in the law or taught by parents and in Sunday school. But if the moral life were made up only of allegiance to these principles, it would be a pretty barren one indeed. […]