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Business ethics and leadership keynote speaker Dr. Bruce Weinstein, The Ethics Guy, works with organizations that want to do the right thing every time and that know the key to success is the high character of their employees. He writes about ethics, character, and leadership for Fortune, and his latest books are "The Good Ones: Ten Crucial Qualities of High-Character Employees," "Ethical Intelligence" and "Is It Still Cheating If I Don't Get Caught?" What's your ethics IQ? Find out here: Click here to take the ethics quiz.
2 01, 2014

Firing John Doe

By | January 2nd, 2014|Ethics in the News|Comments Off on Firing John Doe

"John Doe is applying for a job here," a caller says. "What can you tell me about him?" Last month you fired him for incompetence. You say...? I welcome your response!

4 08, 2013

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Want to get an insightful look at the news from an ethical perspective? Sign up here for my free weekly ethics newsletter! Subscribers get lots of goodies throughout the year (first dibs on books and DVDs, contests, prizes, and lots of other fun things). I look forward to welcoming you to the family! ...oh, and I'll [...]

1 08, 2013

The Five Questions

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25 07, 2013

Weiner’s NEW Report Card

By | July 25th, 2013|Ethics in the News|Comments Off on Weiner’s NEW Report Card

The New York Times has just reported, “Weiner Admits to More Lewd Exchanges but Denies an Addiction.” The Ethics Guy therefore presents New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s NEW report card: […]

3 07, 2013

3 Obstacles to Doing the Right Thing

By | July 3rd, 2013|Ethics in the News|1 Comment

Why don’t we do the right thing more often? What gets in the way? There are three major explanations for ethically unintelligent behavior, and they’re easy to remember because they all start — and appropriately so — with f: fear, focus on short-term benefits, and foul mood. Let’s look at each one more closely. […]