• Whether you’re looking to bring new people into your organization or are seeking a job or promotion yourself, The Good Ones will help you appreciate in practical terms why character is the missing link to excellence.
  • Ethical intelligence may not get as much attention as other forms of "smarts", but as Bruce Weinstein reveals, it is the most practical, valuable, and even courageous form, determining success on the job, fulfillment in relationships, and sense of self-worth. After reviewing the basic ethical principles agreed upon by cultures and religious traditions around the world and throughout time, Weinstein tells listeners how to develop their ethics IQ by applying these principles in daily life. Real-world examples and interviews - with CEOs, athletes, celebrities, and political leaders - illustrate ethics in action, and their absence. Most strikingly, Weinstein reveals that ethical principles aren't just good; they are good for us, benefiting our health, happiness, and prosperity. While ethical ignorance grabs headlines, it is ethical intelligence that creates the most fulfilling life.
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  • It's not always easy to figure out what's Right or Wrong. Your parents say one thing, your teacher say another, and you friends say something else entirely. Is it okay to tell a friend that her cookies taste awful? How should you reposed when you see someone cheating on a test? And what's the big deal with downloading music for free? Bruce Weinstein, PH.D., answers these questions and more with five Life Principles - simple rules that can be applied t any situation. With good common sense, this accessible life guide proves that, while no one can give you all of the answers, Bruce Weinstein can give you the tools to make the best decisions you can - any where, any time.  
  • Emotional intelligent people are aware of how they and others feel. Ethically intelligent people know how to us this awareness the right way. Being ethically intelligent doesn't mean knowing what is right; it also means having he courage to do what is right. In the pages, ethicist Bruce Weinstein boldly declares that your ethical intelligence determines how successful you are in your job, how strong your relationships with friends and family are, and even how you feel about yourself.
  • In this lively, fun and practical seminar, Dr. Bruce Weinstein shows you how to increase your ethics IQ in every area of your life. Dr. Bruce Weinstein, known as The Ethics Guy, believes that the key to success in business is having not just emotional intelligence, but ethical intelligence, too. Running Time: Part One - 39 minutes Part Two 21 minutes Cost is $39.95 plus $5.95 Priority Mail shipping to U.S. residences. (Ask for rates outside of U.S.)