Vision, mission, values, and principles of The Ethics Guy LLC


The hero of Tom Laughlin’s film Billy Jack (1971) is deeply despondent at not being able to find or even think of any place in the world in which people genuinely care about each other.  He uses violence to solve problems in his community, because he sees no other way to resolve conflict.

I envision a different sort of world.  At least within businesses, nonprofit organizations, schools and universities, and similar kinds of communities, I see a world in which people do care about each other.

They also care about their relationships with the people they serve, the people who serve them, and how their actions affect the larger communities in which they reside.

They express this care by embodying the values and making decisions according to the principles that also guide this company, The Ethics Guy LLC.


The mission of The Ethics Guy LLC is to be the go-to company for organizations that want to do the right thing every time and know the key to their success is the high character of their employees.

We realize this mission by:

  • Working closely with meeting planners to tailor every keynote speech, breakout session, and panel discussion to the values and code of conduct of the client.
  • Reaching out to every conference registrant, when permitted, to introduce ourselves and invite each person to send questions for us to address or issues to consider at the meeting.
  • Studying the websites of companies represented by audience members at association conferences and citing positive examples from those websites during keynote speeches.
  • Delivering engaging, entertaining, and enlightening keynote speeches on ethics, character, and leadership, all which end with a call to action to encourage audience members to put the key lessons into practice immediately.
  • Customizing every in-house training program to the culture, values, and code of conduct of the organization.
  • Writing timely, dynamic analyses of ethical issues in the news for Fortune, Huffington Post, and blogs of leading organizations.
  • Giving interviews to the media to help make sense of ethical issues raised by stories in the stories.
  • Embodying the values below in everything we do.


As the CEO of The Ethics Guy LLC, I pledge to do my level best every day to be:

  1. Honest
  2. Accountable
  3. Caring
  4. Courageous
  5. Fair
  6. Grateful
  7. Humble
  8. Loyal
  9. Patient
  10. Present

These are the ten crucial qualities of high-character employees that I explore in my book The Good Ones, and they apply to everyone associated with The Ethics Guy LLC in any capacity (including clients).


Five ethical principles guide my actions and the actions of everyone affiliated with The Ethics Guy LLC:

  1. Do No Harm
  2. Make Things Better
  3. Respect Others
  4. Be Fair
  5. Care

These principles are the basis of my books Ethical Intelligence and (for teens) Is It Still Cheating If I Don’t Get Caught?, and they are based on a masterwork entitled Principles of Biomedical Ethics by Tom L. Beauchamp and James F. Childress (Oxford University Press).